Here's my most recent projects/work

Four variant covers I designed  for DC's Young Animal..

This has been a pretty crazy year for me. I had only been posting my artwork up on my Instagram account for about six months when I was contacted by Gerard Way to help make some logos and collages to use as part of a pitch for his comic imprint DC's Young Animal. After it was green lit I wasn't sure if they could find room for my style of work / collages, but Gerard really pushed for me, and I was given the chance to create a piece of promotional material for the line. A  teaser image to reveal their tagline "comics for dangerous humans". Followed by the first physical piece for the brand a 16 page Ashcan comic in the style of the old 80's Who's who comics. I was asked to design it cover to cover. My style comes from years of making photocopy zines, and now I given the chance to create a zine for DC comics, pretty surreal in my mind at the time. Since then I've been given several design project for the line creating tape cassette artwork for a fictional documentary sound track, editorial pages for all the titles, new who's who pages for characters in the line, emoji's for the DC's all access App, and now I will be the featured artist with all the variant covers for the month of december. 

I've been building and painting Visible Anatomy models for over ten years. They're some of my favorite objects I own. The original models we're first released in the 1950's, and have become copies of copies over the years. The models have switched brand names and manufacturers over the fifty years they've been in production. They no longer fit together the way the originals did. They've warped slightly and need to be tamed to all fit together. I take my time to carefully assemble each piece, taming the plastic is part of the challenge and fun of taking on these models. A lot of thought and care went into the scientific and educational aspects, and they have really helped me understand the layout of the human body. That being said I can't help but see them as works of art. Painting really brings out the detail in the model, the original sculpt is amazing. Playing with different color schemes is by far my favorite part of the process. Color really transforms them into something new and beautiful.

visible people-028.jpg